In our nearly eight years of existence, we at Apex have differentiated ourselves by being future-focused thinkers and by understanding long ago where technology was headed in our industry. We’re committed to enabling innovation for developers and always have been, so today—February 14th—is the perfect day to give you the Apex Developer Portal, our love letter to you…

Dear Developers,

Today, Apex is launching a new developer portal, comprehensively covering our entire product suite and technical APIs, with solution guides, sample code and example calls.

The portal was carefully designed through a user’s lens and includes features such as a friendly “Getting Started” section and a modern web interface that includes a navigation bar to easily find subjects and perform contextual search within the reorganized and updated documentation. Additionally, we’ve implemented a tool within the portal for users to easily suggest edits and provide feedback on their experience or content/functionality they’d like to see added. These changes facilitate vastly better overall experiences for our fellow developers.

Apex partner Edgar Rangel, Marstone Product Owner, states,

Apex has been very thoughtful in its organization of all the information related to its APIs in a way that's easily digestible. The money movement simulator definitely helps us understand the different use cases and really accelerated our development efforts. Overall, the Apex team has done an outstanding job with these guides and we appreciate their attention to detail."

Apex will continue to iterate and evolve the developer portal to provide more usable content, as well as added functionality such as a sandbox tool, so developers can test and interact with our APIs, first-hand.

We want your feedback and encourage you to register for free access here.

So, developers, if you’re reading this…we want you to know that we love you, we support you, and we’ll never leave you. Because after all, it’s always been you.

Yours truly,



Technical Product Manager at Apex Clearing