Over the past decade our firm, Apex Clearing, has helped dozens of disruptors change the way that people invest. From the rise of discount brokerages to robo investing and more recently, commission-free trading, Apex has provided the clearing and custodial foundation to power each new wave of innovation.

To date, this industry innovation has required not only great vision, but also significant resources -- technology, expertise, capital … and time. (As in the time it takes a firm to create and build new technologies, as well as the time needed for traditional firms to participate in this change and evolving ecosystem.)

Our mission is to democratize the investment landscape and continue to lead the edge of digital custody and clearing as it should be, and we are constantly thinking up new ways to lower the barriers to entry for innovators and to improve access for investors.

It is for this reason that we are excited to announce our latest product line: Apex Extend.

Apex Extend is a solution offering highly configurable front and middle office functions for launching and running an investing app or advisory platform with Apex. Not only is this an end-to-end solution, but it is also built on economics that can level the playing field and enable firms to compete in the zero-commission world. It offers best-in-class innovation to a range of firms – from digital disruptors to community banks and stalwarts in wealth management.

What makes this product so special is the amount of flexibility and configurability that it offers clients while also providing them with the reliability and security that they have come to expect from Apex. Fintech firms, RIAs, Broker-Dealers and other clients who custody through Apex can select from packages that cater to their specific business needs.

This offering “extends” beyond our custodial roots (back office) into the front and middle offices as well. The front office encompasses advisor and investor interfaces, while the middle office is typically the unseen layer of operations that deals with risk management, profit and loss, along with other business transactions.

Clients can choose from a variety of flexible, pre-built suites that serve a wide range of business models. For example, clients with expertise building consumer apps may opt for the middle-office extension in addition to the custody and clearing backend.

This allows them to focus their resources on what they do best, while purchasing the other components out-of-the-box. Other clients who do not wish to build a complete user interface (UI) can opt for the full-stack.

Here is a snapshot of the most popular bundles and the wide reach of this product:

Apex Extend Popular Bundles

In fact, some clients have already been busy testing out the various Apex Extend bundle options, and we’re excited to open this functionality up to a wider client base. For example, a large asset manager is working to launch an investor-led trading experience that allows investors to directly purchase their funds. We’re also empowering entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market in a matter of months instead of years.

And this is just the beginning. We are already working on future enhancements, which we look forward to sharing more details around in the months to come.

If you would like to see a demo of Apex Extend, or if you have technology or solutions that could help enhance the platform, please contact us to learn more. 


Head of Strategic Partnerships